Welcome to my Website!

hello! this is my first ever website ive ever made in the history of my history ever!. i have no clue what im doing!:D i want to learn how to code because i like learning things that are difficult for no resason- and obtaining new skills! i have been SCOWERING this site and all the tiny sites on it finding incedible resources~ the pople here are so talented. its lile an entire hidden part of the world! if anybody would like to help me embark on the journey that is coding please message me! i have an instagram you can dm right here>: instagram.

or dm me and we can giggle about anime hehe right now~ im watching bleach ^.^ or video games! im a big big big zelda fan .

Here's a picture of some sanrio characters i like haha, idrk what to put here!:

things i like:

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